European dishes - competence unit The vocational qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services 15 Competence points

European dishes - competence unit
The vocational qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services 15 Competence points

You can study Cook program at Hiekkaharju campus, Tennistie 1, 01370 Vantaa


Note: In the case of a continuous search, after sending the application you will unfortunately not currently receive a confirmation email about the arrival of the application.

To Whom

This part of the degree is suitable for those applicants living peramanently in Finland and who already have previous experience in the restaurant industry, who want to deepen and supplement their own skills in cooking based on classical European dishes and want to complete a smaller entity than the degree.

You can apply for training if you have

• Sufficient experience in kitchen work in the restaurant industry

• Satisfactory English language skills

Time of Studies: 5 Months, 10.1.2022-31.5.2022


Training begins in January 2022

Duration of training 5 Months

Each student’s study path, content and study schedule are planned individually. Studies can also be arranged as apprenticeship training which means you work with salary in your own workplace. There will be 3-5 training days in Varia Vocational school.

The learning environment is the teaching kitchen in Varia Vocatioanal School and skills demonstration happens in working life.

Place of education Vantaan ammattiopisto Varia, Hiekkaharjun toimipiste, Tennistie 1, 01370 Vantaa

Application and student selection

Application period: until 13.12.2021

Applicants are invited for an interview.

Student selections will be notified to the applicant’s email address.

Content of training

The studies contain

• recognizing the most used European ingredients

• preparing the most famous European classic dishes profitable and economically according to orders and schedules

• applying the gastronomic principles in planning, preparing and displaying the dishes

The focus of the studies are the skills needed in sustainable working life.

More information

Student counsellor Heli Toivonen, p. 050 314 5605,

Teacher Jari Heiska, p 043 825 9264,

Aviapoliksen toimipiste

Rälssitie 13

01530 Vantaa

Hiekkaharjun toimipiste

Tennistie 1

01370 Vantaa

Koivukylän toimipiste

Talvikkitie 119

01360 Vantaa

Myyrmäen toimipiste

Ojahaantie 5

01600 Vantaa

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