‍The multi-talented young student who built a train and church bell frames


Amazingly enough, he is only 19 years old but he has already built a modern 600-millimeter-narrow-trail locomotive train. One year ago, he built Church bell frames. What's next?


His name is Supavit Nummelin and he graduated from Vantaa Vocational College Varia this spring and got the qualification of a wood carpenter. But building a locomotive and church bell frames requires a vast repertoire of various skills, which Supavit has: he is, at the moment, considering to do the vocational qualification of a plater-welder, maybe that of a electrician too.

Building a train or maybe a few

Supavit built the modern type of locomotive train which could carry 30 passengers. It can go as fast as 30 km / hour and it uses narrower train trails which are only 600mm wide so a bit narrower than the general ones on which the passenger trains drive. ”The train is ready, but I would like to continue to develop better trains by constructing the locomotive with the latest technology and combining diesel and electric system", stated Supavit.

Besides, he also affirmed that he has a dream to build a modern locomotive which can be run both by diesel and electric power. According to Supavit, it could also serve transportation purposes with additional facilities. As you all know, the train is working by using electrical power. In Finland, there are train tracks without electricity. Therefore, these locomotive trains that are operated both by diesel and electricity will help the Community to get train connections in the areas which haven’t had connections previously.

Supavit believes that the train, he is planning to build, will be helpful to other countries as well: ”In my opinion, it is not really safe to drive on narrower train track in Finland. For instance, in Sweden, they have a better track to use for such kind of train. Besides, it would also be beneficial in Russia as well, because they don’t have electricity train tracks in most areas. However, their track size is different, but it is possible to adjust the train."
"By the way, my goal in building the train was just to have fun with my friends, and I wanted to see a train which is made by me”, Supavit concludes.

His inventive mind

When he was only 12 years old, Supavit built a small train out of wood with real wheels and tracks, in his garden. His inventive brain didn’t stop at that but was always looking for newer and improved ideas. Two years later, he came across a golden opportunity and his mind started to spin. Actually, he got a small church bell as a gift from his dad. A new idea shone in his mind due to this gift. He took it seriously, as he always does, to accomplish this new ambition.

Since I was a child I had a deep love for trains and I was inspired by a friend of mine who was living in Northern Finland to develop the narrower train first. He built the train with sauna and other modern things inside, to make it more comfortable. This output of my friend initiated me to further upgrade and develop my own modern locomotive train with a narrower track. In reality, in this train building industry with a narrower railway track, is only 10 individuals in Finland, and they do it as a hobby and only to invent new things", states Supavit.

Church Bell Frames

"The notion of building Church Bell frames came to my mind on the very day when my father presented me a small Church Bell. That day changed everything. I built my first bell frames out of legos and I put on them the small church bell my father had given me. I set everything up, decorated the frames, installed the electricity and even added a music system. I got very excited about the whole project and encouraged by the result."

"In the future, I would like to continue to work professionally on Church bell frame production. At the same time, I am determined to teach high-quality church bell frames construction. Currently, I have a group of students at Aalto University and I am teaching them how to build Church Bell Frames" Supvit tells about his current and future plans. Teaching at the University when you are only 19 years old and having just finished the upper secondary vocational education is something, but he was even asked to teach at the University - he didn't apply for the post.

Support from family, friends and vocational college

Supavit Nummelin says humbly that the source of his success in his many great projects has been family, friends and supportive helpful teachers in Varia. "Whatever I have achieved is only because of the teachers' untiring support as well as skills and knowledge imparted to me without any reservation. My teachers have identified the capabilities and individual differences among their students. On top of that, they always gave us opportunities to implement our talents too", Supavit thanks his teachers.

"I shall always remain grateful to my metal-work-teacher Janne Saari who gave me a great support, guidance and who played an important role in my success. Especially, while I was building the two Church Bell Frames."

Janne Saari, on the other hand, says “I am truly proud of him. Such kind of students will encourage and motivate other students. He is a successful young man, I provided him some sort of help and gave him tools with which he had to proceed on his work. That is all I have done. I would describe him as a talented and inquisitive student. He loves to increase his knowledge every day to attain his goals."

As a young man with this kind of talents and ambitions we can expect Supavit to produce outstanding products and achieve many great goals very soon. Inclosing, Supavit says that he wants to encourage the youngsters to take courage and work hard on their chosen fields regardless of their differences.

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