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Vantaa Music Institute

Do join us and get a fine hobby! Enrolling is open April 1st to 30th, 2022 at

Vantaa Music Institute gives music education to children and youth living in Vantaa. It offers the wide level course of basic education in the arts.

We offer:

Early childhood music education and instrument coaching

There are different groups for children (ages 0-9 ). The children receive musical adventures, preparedness and skills, which give a good basic to their relation to music and later studies in music.

Music basic education

The lessons are given individually and everyone has the possibility to belong to some music group. The students are studying music theory as the syllabus requires. There will be entrance examination days on Tuesday May 4th and Wednesday May 5th carried out via remote access.


There are several different kinds of choirs (Children choirs, Youth choirs, Chamber choirs and Vocal ensamble) for all ages.

Orchestras for strings and wind instruments

There are several different kinds of orchestras for all ages. Every student who plays an orchestral instrument is required to attand an orchestra.

Open department

In the open department you can study without any tests. There are no limits for hometown or age. The tuition fees are little expensive, because the department doesn’t get public funding. You can study at your own tempo, but it is possible to have an individual syllabus.

You can also study as adult at the open department.

Welcome to the world of music!

Vantaan musiikkiopisto

Orvokkitie 15

PL 4510

01300 Vantaa

Opintosihteeri: Seija Elfving,
040 843 7401,

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