Corona-bulletin to students and guardians 17.3.2020

Bulletin to students and guardians about organisation of teaching in Vantaa Music Institute between 18.3.-13.4.2020

Starting from 18.3. all teaching in Vantaa Music Institute will be remote teaching.

Individual teaching

Student’s own instrument teacher will contact student and give guidelines for further actions.

Group teaching

Group lessons concerning orchestras, choirs, ensembles, bands and other groups will be on a break until 29.3. There will be more information about further actions by 27.3.

Music theory

Music theory lessons will be held as remote teaching. Every group techer will be in contact with their students as well as guardians through email. Teacher will give guidelines and material in use.

Music playschool

Music playschool teachers will plan virtual lessons aimed to various groups. Lessons will be sent to guardians as links through email. Families can then participate lessons virtually.

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Monna Relander, principal

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