Julia Tarasenko

My name is Julia Tarasenko and I am from the beautiful city of Music, Vienna in Austria. I have been living in Finland for almost 4 years now and working as a German and English teacher for adults. I speak German, English, Russian, French and a little Finnish.

In Vienna I have studied literature and theatre and movie sciences. I have been working as a copywriter and always enjoyed working with language. I know how hard and challenging it can be to learn a new language. I have been studying Finnish for over a year, so I know what my students are going through. That is why I love my job. It is wonderful to motivate people and to help them make progress. When I see how happy they are because they finally understand a grammar structure or rule, it makes me happy because we have achieved it together.

I am teaching in companies and working with different groups in different institutions, so I have experience with many different people, which is very interesting and important for me. I feel like I can always learn something from my students too. My biggest strength is my empathy towards people. I like to connect with people, learn about their culture, the reasons why they learn a language and how can I motivate them.

In my free time I enjoy being in the nature, reading, going to the gym and drinking coffee. I think in my heart I am a true Finn. I love Finland and its beautiful nature, clean air and especially, the amount of saunas.

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