Alistair Stevenson

My Name is Alistair, and I have lived in Finland for almost 20 years now. Previously I have also lived and worked in the Czech Republic and Japan.

My English conversation classes are based on discussing various topics from current events to everyday life subjects such as the students’ hobbies and interests. Different articles, videos and audio files are used to stir up discussion, and comprehension questions, vocabulary building and pronunciation activities are also used to support the students and help develop their English.

Conversation classes are a very enjoyable and effective way to improve fluency, confidence and communication skills, and it is incredibly satisfying to see my students develop in these areas and become confident speakers of English. Years of teaching conversation classes like these with people from different age groups, walks of life, countries and cultures has allowed me to develop an understanding of the specific needs of my students, and also the challenges they face with English and how to resolve them.

I look forward to working with you!

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