IB Open House material

Introduction to IB Diploma for pre-DP applicants (10th year) in English
(online session was held Jan 24)
Slides: Tilu IB Admission Step by Step 2022 and Tilu IB Online Open House 2022

Introduction to DP1 (=11th grade) for those who have already completed one high school year
(online session was held Jan 24)
Slides (PDF format)

Enjoy our marketing video!

Please note that the airplane does not represent any desire to accelerate the climat change. Instead, it serves as a metaphor for dreams taking off. Of course, being the airport city, Vantaa has airplanes deeply rooted in its identity.

‍We will publish our slides for our applicants on Tuesday, Jan 25.

  • Julkaistu: 24.01.2022
  • Päivitetty: 15.02.2022

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