IB subjects in Tikkurilan Lukio

Being a big school, Tikkurilan Lukio offers a wide selection of IB subjects as well as other subjects. In addition to the usual languages and sciences, we offer Philosophy as the only IB school in Finland, and Visual Arts. In IB you can also achieve a diploma in your native language by studying a literature program independently, if your native language is one of those listed by the IBO. Some of our students also do Swedish B because of the Finnish university requirements. One subject from each group must be chosen

Group 1
English A
Finnish A
Self-taught language A

Group 2
English B
Finnish B
(Swedish B)

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches both HL and SL

Mathematics Applications and Interpretation both HL and SL

Group 6
Visual Arts
Another subject from groups 1-4