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High schools and Vantaa Vocational College Varia will begin the fall term in contact instruction in Vantaa

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group assembled on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. The group decided that secondary education institutions begin the fall term in contact instruction in the metropolitan area. The decision applies to vocational College Varia and high schools in Vantaa.

High schools’ and Varia's 2nd- and 3rd-year students will begin the fall term next Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Varia’s new students began their studies today, August 4.

The City of Vantaa’s educational institutions will apply current coronavirus safety recommendations (such as wearing face masks and other protective gear, hand hygiene, social distancing).

The educational institutions will offer the face masks to students belonging to extended compulsory education (first-year students). Other students must acquire their own face masks. If a student has forgotten to bring their own mask, they can acquire one at their educational institution, when required. Also those who have already received the second coronavirus vaccination—that is, the booster shot—must wear a face mask in the educational institution. On-the-job learning will adopt the coronavirus instructions valid at the workplace.

People aged 16 and older can book an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination in the entire metropolitan area. Those who live in the metropolitan area can make a vaccination appointment online at: https://www.koronarokotusaika.fi/.

We encourage all students to take the coronavirus vaccination, so that we can improve the rapidly deteriorated coronavirus situation. That will give us better chances to continue the fall term in contact instruction.

Welcome to study!
Ari Ranki
Secondary education service area director

New IB students

Admitted to IB pre-DP (year 10)
+ those who have not permitted to publish their name

Ala-Turkia, Peppi
Bajmaku, Isra
Bhabal, Aaditi
Bolbit, Veronika
Bosompem, Benard
Halonen, Karolina
Hartikainen, Anita
Heifeldt, Nicholas
Kiuru, Lotta
Korkeila, Heli
Kosunen, Maija
Kytöharju, Jenna
Linkheswaran, Jodeka
Muro, Meri
Mäkimartti, Milla Maya
Naqvi, Syed
Nasretdin, Altan
Natarajan, Harini
Ndegwa, Abigail
Obeng, Rebekah
Ohlström, Nora
Sipilä, Essi
Sjöholm, Loviisa
Stadnichuk, Vladyslav
Taranenko, Ilya
Ulkuniemi, Iida
Valtonen, Alex
Van 't Riet, Barend

Confirming your study place

Opintopolku or Studyinfo.fi (=the Finnish online application system) will send you a link to your email. Behind the link, you can find your admission results. If you have been admitted to Tikkurila IB, please confirm your study place at Opintopolku on Thursday, June 17. Your early confirmation guarantees that your course choices, your school schedule and your login credentials can be processed before the school start. Also, June 17th is the only day our study counselors will be there to help you. The last day to confirm is July 1, 2021.

The school will also send enrolment instructions via email to those admitted on June 17th. If admitted, please check your email and follow the instructions. If problems, IB study counselors Nina Arola and Essi Haataja also advise at the school on June 17, tel +358 50 3105032 or +358 50 310 4917.

If you have not been admitted at our school, your admission results show which school has admitted you. Opintopolku also shows your place on the waiting list.