Student Guidance For Secondary School Students

Are you wondering what you would like to study or do for a living? Do you want to go to upper-secondary school or to a vocational school? Which optional subjects should you choose in order to start your dream career? Feel free to ask the student counsellor!

Student Guidance is one of the subjects at secondary school. In addition to this, you can also get advice and guidance from the counsellor in private.

During the 9th year, a virtual Corporate Society Day is organized, during which corporate activities and collaboration is practiced. Additionally, 9th-year students have a two-week work-experience period (TET). There may also be 2 to 5 days introductory trial periods during the 7th year and 8th year.

The aim of these work-experience programmes and student counselling is to support you when selecting and applying for further studies. You will decide what you want to become and where you want to apply, but adults will be there to help you in looking into the details and will introduce the various alternatives.

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