Support and Help

Student-welfare staff and teachers are at your service. You can ask any teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Are You or a Friend of Yours Being Bullied? Are You Lonely, or Is Someone Else Always Alone?

Always remember to tell your teacher about this. The teacher can ask the KiVa Team to look into it. You can go and meet the school welfare officer who really knows how to help with friendship issues.

Disputes or Difficulties with Your Parents?

You can go and visit the school welfare officer independently, or ask your teacher when the school welfare officer is available.

Do You Have Concerns about Your Health?

You may discuss any health-related issue with the school nurse, and they can refer you to the services you may need and, if necessary, get in touch with your parents.

Do You Need Help with Learning?

Tell your own teacher or a special-needs teacher. They will help you get support with learning skills and some good tips on how to learn things more easily in a way that suits you best.

Help Mailbox

You can leave a written message in the Help Mailbox, should you need help for yourself or for a friend.
Our School Help Mailbox

International School of Vantaa

School Office 050 304 1068

Principal: Heikki Hirvonen,
050 312 2125

Assistant Principal: Johanna Maskery,
050 312 4531

Street address: Hagelstamintie 1, 01520 Vantaa

Postal address: PL 8402, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki