The Child’s Journey to School

It is good to get acquainted with the route to school well in advance before school starts, and to go through any possible hazardous places that the route may include together with the child. Reflective safety clothing is a cheap insurance policy. If the journey is covered by bicycle, the bicycle must be in good condition. Also, lights and helmets are part of the cyclist's equipment.

The Police recommends that 1st-year and 2nd –year students do not go to school by bicycle.

If the student's journey to school is long, or there are other justified reasons for school transportation, a school travel card, taxi, or transportation support, a transport-aid application form must be filled in and submitted.

International School of Vantaa

Grade 1 and 2 040 668 2125

Grade 6 040 673 7679

Small Teacher's Room 040 725 9471

Hagelstamintie 1

PL 8402

01030 Vantaan kaupunki

Principal: Heikki Hirvonen,
050 312 2125

Assistant Principal: Johanna Maskery,
050 312 4531

Vice Principal: Laia Saló i Nevado,
050 303 8491

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