Work-based basic education program (TEPPO) at ISV

From autumn 2019, every Vantaa lower secondary school offers the work-based basic education program TEPPO (työelämäpainoitteinen perusopetus) as an elective to students in grades 8 and 9. The program offers students more individualized study paths with the aim of providing students valuable work experience and supporting students in finding their own strengths and interests while improving motivation, time management, working life- and career planning skills.

Students participating in the TEPPO-program will have five to seven weeks of on-the-job learning spread throughout the school year. During the rest of the school year, students study and participate normally with his/her own class in school according to his/her schedule. A TEPPO-coordinator and counselor assist the students in managing and progressing in their studies while giving students individual and group guidance in regard to working life and job searching.

To apply to ISV TEPPO program, consider the following:

* the student is motivated and committed to work-oriented learning

* the student's family is committed to supporting work-oriented learning

* the student benefits from getting to know different working environments and from early work contacts and career choices

* the student needs to support his/her studies OR wants an additional challenge to his/her studies

In order to apply, the student and guardians fill in the application form (in Wilma), in addition to which the student’s existing learning plan is attached to the application form. If there is no learning plan, a supporting statement by his/her homeroom teacher, school psychologist, social worker or student counselor will be needed. Applicants and their guardians are interviewed at school and, based on these interviews, students are chosen for the TEPPO-program.

For more information about the ISV TEPPO-program, contact the TEPPO-coordinator Max Bengtsson (, 040 661 0792)

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