Special Education

If a student is having difficulty with learning and/or requires extra support in any area of school life, the special education teachers are here to provide assistance. The special education teachers work with the students, parents, classroom or subject area teachers, and the Support Services Committee to help the student to succeed. The special education teachers can provide in-class assistance, individual and small group tutoring, learning plan development, and referrals for formal testing. ISV has two special education teachers, Gwen Rybicki and Sini Pietilä.

International School of Vantaa

Grade 1 and 2 040 668 2125

Grade 4 040 673 7679

Small Teacher's Room 040 725 9471

Hagelstamintie 1

PL 8402

01030 Vantaan kaupunki

Principal: Heikki Hirvonen,
050 312 2125

Assistant Principal: Johanna Maskery,
050 312 4531

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