Learning support at home

A stable everyday life and lifestyle support all types of learning. Exercise, regular meals, and adequate rest are the foundation that supports school work, particularly during adolescence. Being positively involved in your schoolchild’s life and offering a supportive parental attitude towards their schoolwork also support your schoolchild’s emotional well-being, which plays an important role in learning.

For more information on learning techniques, please visit, e.g., the Diverse Learners Association in Helsinki-website (HERO) (in Finnish)‍

International School of Vantaa

Grade 1 and 2 040 668 2125

Grade 6 040 673 7679

Small Teacher's Room 040 725 9471

Hagelstamintie 1

PL 8402

01030 Vantaan kaupunki

Principal: Heikki Hirvonen,
050 312 2125

Assistant Principal: Johanna Maskery,
050 312 4531

Vice Principal: Laia Saló i Nevado,
050 303 8491

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