The New Curriculum

The basic education curriculum has been reformed: the new curriculum was adopted this spring. In order to clarify what’s new, Vantaa Education Department made a video on the changes in Vantaa schools. The video aims to show what going to school was like in the 1980s when the parents of today’s schoolchildren went to school and what the school is like today. What has changed and what has remained the same? The video is divided into two parts that show the same things viewed from different decades.

The ‘80s are bound to bring back lots of memories to some of the viewers. The things that are studied have largely remained unchanged; yet, their form is changed, and nowadays there are different approaches to studying. If you are not going to school now, do you know what a school day today entails? See and find out!

The video was shot at Leppäkorpi and Hiekkaharju schools and the actors gave it their very best to bring out the glorious ´80s: it’s almost like a jump into the past. The video is about one school day with subjects wide and varied: from exercise to breaks to mathematics. The video introduces the new curriculum’s new features that are more specifically explained in text at the end of the video. This video will be used as basic schools’ presentation in PTA meetings.



  • Published: 23.02.2017
  • Updated: 04.04.2017

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