Are you tired of sending innocent hobbits on deadly missions to destroy Rings? Are you tormented by your conscience every time someone loses a finger or worse dies to save the World? Well, there is a solution over such problems. We introduce you to RoboFrodo© 2017!


We realized the need for this outstanding tool as soon as we heard about the tragic fate of Gollum, and later the struggles of Frodo, but it took us long to perfect our invention.


RoboFrodo© has a sturdy structure, which easily overcomes the inhuman conditions of Mount Doom. Its wide tires and strong tracks make it unstoppable, even on rocky surfaces, steep hills and even on volcanos.

Its attached arm moves back and forth, and with a fast wave the Ring can be slid right into the lava or an enemy can be beaten.

Other Uses

In the occasional case of peace in the world, when there is no need to destroy rings or other harmful objects, RoboFrodo© can be utilized in many other ways. For instance it can follow bumpy forest tracks, investigate the depths of dangerous caves, without having to risk human lives, protect others from deadly creatures, throw small objects at enemies, with its hand, make a path in the jungle, which a human can follow, slap cats (robots worst enemies), and even photographers may use it as a device to direct their camera where human presence would disturb the natural behavior of animals. Last, but not least, it can be an amazing toy for kids (only under adult supervision though)! And many more!



The RoboFrodo© is a heavily built and strong robot with four motors, two for its tracks and two for its arms. Overall it’s a sturdy and strong robot but doesn’t make a too much noise while working. The motors are only attached to the two front tires. These tires then move the tracks, which then move the wheels. The speed and turning of the robot can be varied easily. On the other hand, the waving hands are attached to the front side of the robot. It can wave back and forth at various speeds and degrees.‍

  • Published: 16.11.2017

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