TOWARD THE UNKNOWN – Exhibition on Death

Death. That unknown and unwanted guest. It does not ask for permission to enter; it comes when it’s time. Without invitation, silently tiptoeing, or stealthily and unannounced. How can we prepare ourselves for that unknown? What should we even call it? Netherworld, death, demise, dissolution... What will happen when it arrives? What will happen to me, where will it lead me, where will I end up? We do not know.

There are a lot of people who face death in their work. They stand by the sick, make them feel better. And, when death comes; they bless, cremate, dig a hole, take care of practical arrangements.

This exhibition gives us a touch with death through the eyes of these professionals. The exhibition also shows how death has changed in the course of time: what kind of habits and beliefs are connected to it.

Death is a mystery. Will our perception of death change when we know more about it and dare speak about it? What about time, the time left for us? How do you want to spend it?

Opening Hours

Tue – Fri 11 – 18

Sat – Sun 11 – 16

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