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Introduction: The language of instruction is English. We provide schooling for those children whose home language is English or who have sufficient fluency in English to cope in the classroom. Our school is unified, consisting of...

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Google Classroom

ISV has increasingly embraced the digital component of education in an ever-changing world. Students living in society today are called the YOUTUBE generation. Why? If they need information or practical guidance about a topic whether educational or for entertainment purposes the go-to platform is YOUTUBE. In an increased effort to minimize the use of paper and to increase the use of online resources and digital information we, as a school have embraced the digital revolution by purchasing several Chromebooks to be used as an educational tool. Google Classroom has become an integral part of many a classroom and subject teacher. We are dedicated to exploring the educational alternatives and using the resources we have to enhance and develop healthy digital education. As educators we are using digital education to various extents, some more fervently than others, Our aim is to fully realize the goals we have set in terms of digital education by the year 2020.


Equality and Equity @ ISV

At the International School of Vantaa we promote equality and equity in all components of life at school amongst all members of our very diverse community. We aspire to uphold values of non-discrimination from all possible perspectives. We believe in the nurturing of our student and teacher body. Instead of providing our plan in the standard written form we decided to have a more visual appeal to our plan by involving students in the process by tasking them with video project where they had to make videos about what equality at ISV means to them.

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The New Curriculum

The basic education curriculum has been reformed: the new curriculum was adopted this spring. In order to clarify what’s new, Vantaa Education Department made a video on the changes in Vantaa schools. The video aims to show what going to school...

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Student Art

The 7th grade and 7th - 9th grade elective art students are hosting their annual art exhibition featuring works of phenomenal quality and artistic ability. We would like to extend an invitation to all schools in the Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo metropolitan area to view the exhibition. The exhibition will run for the following two weeks. Display picture courtesy of Rosa-Marie Pussinen.

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Winter Sports Day

This year winter sports day was a massive success as has been the case over the past few years. We would like to thank the students, parents and teachers for their continued support in this regard. Enjoy the pictures taken during the event and we look forward to our Winter Sports Day next year.


Sports Day

Our yearly tradition of hosting the sports day is continuing and will this year take place on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at the Kartanonkoski sports park. Parents are welcome to join in cheering on their children and to spend a wonderful day with the school by soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying themselves. The event will start at 09h00 and students will be dismissed at 13h00.


Junior High Ball


Last Day of School

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